Aerial Photography


Drone videography is extending the scope and use of aerial photography to areas previously unaffordable.  No longer do you have to rely on expensive helicopters or aircraft to provide aerial video.  Our drones produce high quality video, up to 4K standard.  We can film for television, corporate video, house sale, agricultural use and for survey purposes.

Our small Phantom 4Pro enables us to get relatively close to buildings, so we can help with roof surveys etc. Currently, many situations require expensive scaffolding to be erected before the survey can begin.  Our service enables you to identify many potential problems without the need for scaffolding, so reducing costs and speeding up work.  Clearly, it’s not suitable in every instance but we can carryout a site visit to advise on it’s suitability.

Because of our flexibility, Skylark can offer you video or photographic content for most projects.

Please speak to us about your needs so we can offer you an effective solution and a competitive quote.