Welcome to Skylark Aerial Services.

We’re a British based drone (UAV) operator, film maker and photographer.  Whilst we are based in the South West of England, we operate throughout the UK and Spain.  We are certified by the CAA to operate drones commercially in the UK and by AESA to operate commercially in Spain, including the Balearic Islands.

We pride ourselves on innovation.  Our S1000 is an adaptable drone and can be modified to suit the users requirement.  The main use of the S1000 is as a high quality film platform, currently adapted to fly a Canon 5D Mk4 camera.  We use our superb Phantom 4 Pro for general filming work, generating high quality images, up 4k standard.

Our skillset is not simply confined to drone flying.  We are experts in Film Editing, Post Production Services, 360 Degree Photography, as well as Computer Aided Special Effects.  We are also Google Trusted Photographers and can create 36o degree tours of your business and integrate it with Google Street View.  Finally, we are also website developers, able to integrate all our services into attractive and functional websites.  Call today for further information…